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Sewing Machines for Women

changing lives with sewing machines
The Facts

Many research studies have concluded that when women in poverty receive training in sewing AND their own sewing machine:

  • Their overall well-being improves (mental & physical health),

  • They are frequently safer from domestic violence,

  • They have increased self-efficacy, confidence, and security,

  • They develop & promote unity in their community, AND

  • They gain a means of income for their family.

Additionally, when women teach other women how to sew:

  • Women gain stronger bonds of loyalty and friendship with each other,

  • Women are empowered in their ability to instruct, which makes them more involved in teaching their own children, AND

  • Women are empowered to make other social change in their community.

What Subi is Doing

With the "Sewing Machines for Women" initiative, select women will be trained in sewing. They will learn everything from measuring, to cutting fabric, to operating the machine. More importantly, they will be trained for FREE! Then these women will receive their own sewing machines. With the training they have received, these women will be able to run their own tailoring businesses right out of their homes. But then after being trained, the women will be assigned 2 other women to train. Thus, the women continue to build their community by teaching others, AND they gain the empowerment that comes from helping others, rather than always being the recipients of help.

In this, our first year of the initiative, 2023, we have selected 2 women to receive training and sewing machines. One women lives in Entebbe, the other in Bugiri. Next year, they will each train 2 women. Then those 4 women will each train 2 more women. As illustrated in the picture to the right, by the third year of this initiative (2025), 14 women will have received life-changing skills. And each year following will be more and more!

Foot-powered sewing machines are the best types of machines for Uganda. Partly because the electricity regularly goes off. Partly because electricity is so expensive, and we don't want to cause financial burden for the women in our program. And partly because many of these women live in places where there actually is no electricity. The average cost for this type of sewing machine is $200. If you would like to help change the life for a woman by gifting a sewing machine, please click here to donate.

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