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14 ways to support Subi Foundation TODAY!

Hold a lemonade stand, yard sale, bake sale,

carwash, etc. and donate the money

to Subi Foundation.

Check with your local secondhand store

(ie Savers, Kid to Kid, Goodwill, etc).

See if they will give you money for large donations.

Then hold a stuff/clothing drive & donate

the proceeds to Subi Foundation!

Follow @subiuganda on Instagram and Facebook!

(Then repost things that we post!)

If your work or school organization is looking

for a charity to financially support,

recommend Subi Foundation!

Do you have music, recording, or filmmaking skills?

Volunteer to help us make a promotional

video or song!


If you or a friend know the person in charge of


at your company, arrange a meeting

for Subi Foundation!

Volunteer to organize/host a major

fundraising event for Subi Foundation!

Are you a teacher?

Join our curriculum development committee!

Do you like to write?

Volunteer as a content writer for our blog!


Arrange for Subi Foundation to present

an assembly at your child's school!

Call your family & friends. Tell them about

Subi Foundation & encourage them to

follow us on social media!

Are you a member of a book club?

Ask Subi Foundation to recommend a book about

Africa, and then have Subi Foundation

speak at your book club meeting!

Go door-to-door or ask for a phone list

from Subi Foundation to tell people

about our organization!

Contact us to find out more information

get started with a project TODAY!

For your birthday, hold a 

Facebook fundraiser

on behalf of Subi Foundation!

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