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SUBI FOUNDATION: a story of hope

In December 2021, Lisa Holliday had one overarching desire: to see Ugandans have a better life. Having been married to Ugandan-native Geofrey Mukabire for 10 years, Lisa's heart was wholly invested in the success of Ugandans. And being a long-time teacher, Lisa believed that a successful, better life would come through education. 


"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." -Nelson Mandela

But there was one glaring problem: NO SCHOOLS!

The village of Ivuukula has no school.

To attend the nearest village school, children from Ivuukula have to walk at least 6 miles!

And often, the condition of the school is little more than a thatched roof held up by some wooden beams, with rough-hewn benches for the children to sit on.

And it is very difficult--not impossible, but almost--for children to learn when they don't even have a safe, sturdy shelter in which their class is held.

So Lisa and Geofrey decided to do something about it! Ultimately, Subi Foundation wants to create an International School in Ivuukula--a 21st Century school to equal that of the schools in Kampala. Subi Foundation hopes that Ivuukula will eventually become a destination for Eastern Ugandan villages to go in order to obtain the best quality education--changing lives both through education and local economic development.

But first, the children of Ivuukula just need a school! So we are starting there.


"If you always do what you always did,

then you'll always get what you always got."

Along the way to building a school, Lisa and Geofrey discovered some other educational necessities that Ugandan villages lack. The majority of women in Ugandan villages have received little to no education. This makes it very hard when they need to provide for their families. Subi Foundation researched and discovered that sewing machines can change that.

Something else that people need in order to care about education is food and water. Mazlow's Hierarchy tells us that basic needs (food, water, shelter) must be met before education can be effective. So Subi Foundation started researching how to drill boreholes for villages to have clean water.

Subi Foundation is out to change the world. Maybe not the whole world, not all at once. But educational resources--sewing machines, food, clean water, a primary school--will change the world for literally hundreds of people every year! We are starting small, taking baby steps, but Subi Foundation is determined to provide education for women and children in Uganda.


So be a part of something that will actually change the world!

Join us on a journey to do good! 

Donate or click here to find out what you can do TODAY to be part of this work.

Let's do something amazing TOGETHER!

"There is only one way to eat an elephant:

a bite at a time." -Desmond Tutu


Lisa Holliday & Geofrey Mukabire, founders of Subi Foundation, with their children, Elijah & Esther.

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