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HOPE Projects

The Ivuukula School

The children of Ivuukula, Uganda have no school to attend. "Education is the most powerful weapon for changing the world." Education is certainly need to improve the future for these children. Changing lives through education! Find out more here.


In many villages in Uganda, women and children travel 5km or more to the nearest clean water source. Subi Foundation wants to change lives with clean water!

Find out more here.

Sewing Machines

Empowering a woman with something as simple as a sewing machine can change the life of a woman, and, consequently, the life of her family and even the entire community. Subi Foundation is changing lives with sewing machines throughout Uganda. Find out more here.

Immediate Aid

Children all over Uganda need immediate help with food and school fees. Schools need school supplies. Orphanages need funding to care for their children. Subi Foundation is changing lives with emergency aid. Find out more here.

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