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changing lives with clean water

Water. It's one of the most basic necessities of life. Yet, we so often take it for granted. 

Flushing a toilet (3 gallons per flush x 6-8 flushes per day) = 18-24 gallons

10 minute shower x 2 gallons a minute = 20 gallons

Hygiene (washing face, brushing teeth, etc.) = 2.5 gallons

8 glasses of water (8oz each) = 1 gallon

So at minimum, a person uses approximately 41.5 gallons of water each day! And most of us take it for granted. 

But women and children in Uganda who have to fetch water every single day definitely do not take their clean water for granted!

Project Achievement!

As of November 20, 2023, Subi Foundation has raised enough money to drill a borehole in the village of Ivuukula, Uganda!

Subi Foundation is partnering with WHOlives to make this happen.

Since WHOlives already has the machinery and necessary drilling equipment already in Uganda, they were able to offer

Subi Foundation a significantly discounted price

to drill a borehole.

Thank you to everyone at WHOlives for this partnership!

And a special THANK YOU to everyone who donated to this project!

The women and children of Ivuukula will shortly have clean water right in their village because of our donors!


Pictures coming soon!

What's Next?

As funds become available, Subi Foundation intends to find more villages without a clean water source and to drill boreholes for them as well.

So keep donating to give the gift of water!

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