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Immediate Aid

changing lives with emergency aid throughout uganda

January - April 2022: All donations received during these months were used to establish Subi Foundation as a legal nonprofit organization that can operate both in the USA and in Uganda. A small amount of money was also used to buy school lunches for a family with 2 daughters in secondary school in Entebbe, Uganda.

May - June 2022: Subi Foundation is finally in a place to do some good! While the majority of donations are used toward the fund for Ivuukula International School, Subi Foundation now uses 15% of every donation to provide immediate aid in the villages of Uganda. This might be in the form of food, school supplies, clothes, or other vital necessities.

On June 7, 2022, Kitakule Swaibu, Jr. & Kabale Godfrey (Subi committee members in Uganda) were able to deliver school supplies to Union Vision Primary School in Namutumba County, Uganda. The supplies consisted of: exercise books, pens, pencils, chalk, rulers, toilet paper, alphabet charts, and cups. Food was also delivered to several families. This wonderful work was made possible entirely from individual donations to Subi Foundation and from the funds raised at the Subi Market Fair!


Kitakule Swaibu, Jr. & Kabale Godfrey prepare donations for families.

The children of Union Vision Primary School were very grateful & excited to receive their school supplies!

Clapping & singing from both teachers & students when they received their school supplies!

On August 4, 2022, Subi Foundation provided food to many of the families whose children attend Union Vision Primary School. During the month of August, schools are on holiday and there are no classes. For many of the children, the small cup of porridge they received at school was their only food that day. When they are on holiday, they don't even eat that small cup of porridge. Some food was the best help we could provide during this time. Families received bread, rice, sugar, posho, and tea--basics, but very much appreciated! Feeding these families was a direct result of individual donations to Subi Foundation! Thank you for your continued support!


Families outside their homes receiving their bags of food.

Bread, rice, sugar, posho, salt, soap, and tea--daily basics that are much needed!


December 23, 2022: Subi Foundation provided a Christmas treat for 140+ orphans who live in a village just outside Jinja. These orphans are cared for by an organization called Smile for the Kids Foundation. The children are blessed to be well cared for, and always have basic food to eat (i.e. rice and beans). However, it is very rare that the children have anything special or unique in their lives. These are not small babies; they are children old enough to remember their parents and to feel the loss in their lives. As a Christmas surprise, Subi Foundation purchased biscuits (what Americans call "cookies") and juice for the children. Each child received his/her own individual packet of biscuits and his/her own bottle of juice so that it would truly feel like a Christmas gift, not having to share with anyone else. This Christmas gift was made possible by the attendees of "A Very Subi Christmas". Thank you so much for helping us make Christmas special for so many children!

February 4, 2023: Subi Foundation paid first term school fees and lunch fees for 2 girls in Entebbe. In Uganda, bringing lunch from home is not an option. If students want to eat, they need to pay the lunch fees for each term. Many students go without eating, but that means that they are often too hungry to really focus on their studies. This aid was made possible through a personal donation. Thank you so much for helping us feed students, both body and mind!


Eve (left) and Joanne (right), with their mother (center) standing in front of their home (the doorway on the left side). It is simply 1 room, about 10'x10', where a family of 5 tries to get by. No running water, no electricity, no toilet. Eve & Joanne are so grateful and excited for the opportunity to get an education and improve their lives.

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