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Becoming a Non-Profit

When I started, all I had was a dream and a slight familiarity with GoFundMe. Believe it or not, I didn't know that GoFundMe fell under the category of "crowdfunding". I didn't actually even know what "crowdfunding" was. But I am a teacher. And if there is one thing that teachers know how to do, it's research.

So with a lot of research, I quickly figured out that I was going to need a lot more than just a GoFundMe page to build a school in Uganda. My husband, Geofrey, is the "people person" in our relationship, and he excels at making connections. In no time at all, Geofrey had me meeting with people who either had ties to Africa or who had started their own non-profit organizations. The one thing my research and Geofrey's connections all agreed on: you have to become a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization!

For some reason, this scared me. Which is funny, because I have done a lot of things in my life that other people have though was scary and I was never bothered. Example: I moved to Abu Dhabi, UAE by myself, without knowing a single person there. But that wasn't scary to me. Example: I married a man from Uganda, understanding very little about his culture or background. But that wasn't scary to me. And yet, forming an NPO definitely scared me! It just seemed like something that people much smarter or wealthier than me would do.

But, here we are! I managed to form a board of directors, create a mission statement, get incorporated, open a business bank account, and submit the paperwork to the IRS for tax exempt/non-profit status (a "1023 long" form in my case, btw). And in approximately 175 days, Subi Foundation will have tax exempt status!

It's funny, because when I put it in words, it doesn't sound like I've done all that much. But it feels like I have run a marathon! (Which would be huge for me, since I don't run. Ever.) Right now, I feel like I have walked through some super-exclusive gate into a wonderous world full of never-ending possibilities. Sure, the work has only just started. My logical mind knows that the hard work is only just beginning. But my heart is bursting with excitement for all the good that we are going to do!

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